More Volcanoes Threaten To Erupt

February 2, 2001
Volcanoes in the Philippines and Indonesia are threatening to erupt. In the central Philippines, the Mayon volcano puffsout gas and ash, as scientists warn that it may erupt sometime in February. Last year, it drove 68,000 people from their homes.... continued

U.S. Would Lose War In Space

February 2, 2001
The Pentagon recently held its first war game in space and discovered we would lose. The five-day exercise was enacted to determine how to defend U.S. satellites and destroy those of a potential enemy.This deadly serious role-playing game, set in... continued

Life From Space

February 2, 2001
Scientists working to replicate the harsh conditions of space, with its cold temperatures, radiation and lack of air,have managed to get artificial cell membranes to form, proving that life could have originated in space. For life toexist in cellular form,... continued

Iraq Says It’s Ready To Attack Israel

February 2, 2001
A senior Iraqi army general has said that their artillery units could hit targets deep inside Israel if they can bemoved to a site Israel's border. Lieutenant-General Yassin Taha Mohammed said, "Our artillery forces are ready any timeto hit targets... continued

This Part of Brain Makes Us Human

February 2, 2001
Everything that makes us "human" is thought to be contained in a part of our brains the size of a billiard ball.Researchers who study the brain say they think they have found the part of it that sets us apart... continued

Dieting Is Bad For Bones

February 2, 2001
Science News - If you're always worried about how much you eat, you may be producing stress that removes calcium from your bones.Researchers at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver observed that women who regulate their food intakeproduce elevated... continued

Spam SUVs

February 1, 2001
Hormel Foods Corporation, the creators of Spam, is teaming up with General Motors to make car parts out of pork and turkey byproducts. They will supply GM with a binding agent, known as "GMBond," that is made from animal protein... continued

I Couldn’t Do My Homework Because I’m Vegetarian

February 1, 2001
A new Dutch study has concluded that if your teenagers are having trouble in school, it may be because you raised them vegetarian. Plants do not make the crucial vitamin B-12, so diets that avoid animal products can lead to... continued

Hunters Beware: Mad Cow Strikes Deer & Elk

February 1, 2001
Government spokesmen who assure us that there's never been a case of Mad Cow Disease in the United States have ignored the fact that a similar disease, Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), has infected large parts of the deer and elk... continued

Germans Raid Zoos For Food

January 30, 2001
As the Mad Cow Disease panic hits Germany and suspected meat is being recalled, butcher shops are empty and restaurants are no longer serving steaks. During the first BSE scare in November, shoppers switched to game, but they are now... continued