RAF UFO Story Debunked

May 8, 1998
Despite the fact that the story that the RAF had tracked a large UFO over the North Sea was published in a number of British papers, it now appears that it is a hoax. At least, the RAF is claiming... continued

British RAF Admits Tracking UFO

April 28, 1998
SKYWATCH INTERNATIONAL INCORPORA - FROM SKYWATCH INTERNATIONAL INCORPORATEDUK DIRECTOR, DAVE A DUNWORTH UK Coast Buzzed By 24,000 MPH UFO The RAF has tracked a triangular UFO moving at incredible speeds that RAF Fighters could not intercept over the North Sea.... continued

Sudden Increase in UFO Sightings

April 24, 1998
Peter Davenport of the UFO Reporting Center reports a wave of sightings from across the United States on Monday and Tuesday nights, April 20 &21, 1998. Reports were coming in from Phoenix, Arizona,Martinsburg, West Virginia, Austin and Houston, Texas, Boise,... continued

Msgr. Balducci: The Final Word

April 19, 1998
Eduardo Russo, a UFO investigator from Turin, has spoken at length to Monsignor Corrado Balducci, who contributed an interview to my new book Confirmation. Mr. Russo has gotten from him precisely the same story that I did when I spoke... continued

McLendon News Service Claims UFO Interest In High Places

April 18, 1998
McClendon News Service - There appears to be an undertone of change in the media and the government regarding the UFO controversy. This release was issued on March 30 by White House Correspondent Sarah McClendon. I have been aware of... continued