Are We Shooting Down the Visitors?

February 12, 2023
UPDATE:2/12/23 4:00PM PT CHINA REPORTS CYLINDRICAL OBJECT: According to Chinese State Media Global Times, citing local authorities, an object has been detected near Rizhao on the Yellow Sea and the military is preparing to shoot it down. An insight article... continued

Corporations and the Government May Already Be Able To Read Your Mind

February 10, 2023
Imagine a future where everyday apparel like a hat or smartwatch can read their wearer's brainwaves to report to an employer on whether a worker is slacking off, or concentrating on their task; that same technology allows law enforcement, searching... continued

Cloned Woolly Mammoths Could Be Just Four Years Away

February 7, 2023
A biotech company that is proposing to clone woolly mammoths for reintroduction into the wild has recently received a 60 million dollar boost to the project's funding, a cash injection that the company says will enable them to produce their first mammoth... continued

Chinese Spy Balloon Shot Down–But Why was It There?

February 4, 2023
China and other countries routinely launch powered balloons. The trajectory of these devices can be controlled and normally they don't engage in airspace incursions, especially of other nuclear powers. Last week, however, a Chinese powered balloon carrying an instrument payload... continued

The Technological Singularity of Artificial Intelligence May Begin Within Seven Years

February 2, 2023
The Singularity: a point in humanity's future where technological growth has exceeded our ability to control its development, quite probably facilitated through the actions of a runaway artificial intelligence seeking to improve its own capabilities and knowledge. While no one... continued

Greenland’s Glaciers Possibly Melting an Estimated 100x More Quickly Than Predicted

January 31, 2023
Greenland's glaciers may be melting 100 times faster than previously estimated, according to a new ice melt model that corrects an old assumption that was based on the melt rate of glaciers a world away in Antarctica. Previous models used... continued

The Spin of the Earth’s Core Has Changed Direction—at Least From Our Point of View

January 27, 2023
The spin of the Earth's core appears to have reversed direction; but don't be alarmed, it's still spinning in the right direction, it only appears to be running in reverse from our vantage point here on the surface of the... continued

Lunar Calendar System Dating Back 40,000 Years Unearthed by an Amateur Archaeologist

January 23, 2023
A U.K man  self-described as "effectively a person off the street" cracked the code of a primitive writing system developed by Paleolithic humans which reaches back at least 42,000 years. In so doing, this amateur archeologist revealed that ice-age humans... continued

Pentagon Ordered to Review and Report on Eight Decades of UFO Documents

January 21, 2023
A last-minute amendment to this year's National Defense Authorization Act could force the Pentagon to uncover previously undisclosed documents regarding UFOs that may have been filed away for decades. The Act directs the Department of Defense to review all available... continued

Big Oil’s Global Warming Predictions Found To Be More Accurate Than NASA’s Climate Research

January 19, 2023
In 2015 it was revealed that Exxon had, in the 1970s and 1980s, conducted extensive research into global warming, using the company's extensive resources to investigate the impact that the use of their product would have on the environment, long... continued