UK Rocket Company Stars Construction on a Fusion-Based Propulsion System

August 14, 2023
A UK-based rocket propulsion company has announced that it has started construction on a large nuclear fusion-propelled rocket that is intended to substantially shorten the travel time for a manned mission to our planetary neighbors. The construction of this type... continued

Surplus Energy Produced by Nuclear Fusion Reaction Increased at National Ignition Facility

August 12, 2023
Researchers at the National Ignition Facility (NIF) in Livermore, California have reproduced a crucial fusion ignition experiment that saw more energy produced from a hydrogen fusion reaction than what was used to start the reaction in the first place. Although... continued

Members of Congress Call on House Speaker to Form Select Committee to Investigate UAP

August 8, 2023
A group of Representatives have called for House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to form a Select Committee to investigate the federal government's response to the issue of unidentified anomalous phenomena, in light of the testimony delivered at the Oversight Committee's hearing... continued

Painting a Portion of the Planet in Purdue Pigment Could Prompt Temperatures to Plummet

August 5, 2023
Researchers at Purdue University have developed the whitest paint ever produced, capable of reflecting more than 98 percent of the light that strikes it, a quality that could reduce the need for air conditioning for buildings coated in the brilliant... continued

Korean Researchers May Have Made History With the World’s First Room-Temperature Superconductor

August 2, 2023
A South Korean research team has announced that they have developed a room-temperature superconducting compound that, if proven to be a viable source of the long-sought after material, could revolutionize electrical equipment across numerous scientific, medical, transportation and power generation... continued

AARO Hired a ‘Counter-Insider Threat’ Contractor: Are They Trying To Contain Potential UAP Leaks?

August 1, 2023
Links between an information security company and the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) have surfaced online, with speculation being made that the company may have been hired by the Pentagon's official UAP investigative body to contain potential leaks regarding sensitive... continued

‘Superhuman’ AI Can Be Consistently Defeated by Using… Extremely Stupid Strategies?

July 28, 2023
One of the crowning events in the field of AI research—the defeat of the world's top professional Go player by a machine learning program—has been undone by an amateur player using a deceptively simple strategy: a strategy deceptive to AI,... continued

Congressional Oversight Committee: Historic Testimony from High-Level UAP Witnesses

July 27, 2023
United States House Committee on Oversight and Accountability held a hearing on July 26 titled "Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena: Implications on National Security, Public Safety, and Government Transparency", where high-profile government witnesses David Fravor, Ryan Graves and David Grusch provided testimony regarding... continued

2023 On-Track To Be the Hottest Year on Record; Climate Experts Expect Conditions To Get Worse

July 25, 2023
James Hansen, a climate scientist that first sounded the alarm on global warming to the U.S. Congress in 1988 is saying that the ongoing climate crisis is a "new climate frontier" that will see conditions, already hotter than anything seen in... continued

U.S. Senate Introduces “Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena Disclosure Act”; House Oversight Hearings on UAP Slated for July 26

July 21, 2023
Events in the world of UFO disclosure have been moving at superluminal speed as of late: Along with the announcement that the House Oversight Committee will hold a hearing on UAPs on July 26, a bipartisan coalition of Senators has... continued