YOU may not be racist, but your immune system is: A major difference in the way that cells from African-Americans respond to inflammation could be an answer to why this group has so much more hypertension, something that has eluded scientists for many years. It’s another indication that our immune systems are racial.

Researcher Michael Brown tested the effects of a protein that causes inflammation when cells are damaged on the cells that line blood vessels in both African-Americans and Caucasians, to determine whether the inflammation affected the cells differently.

Among African-American cells, there was a nearly 90% increase in the production of something called endothelial microparticles, which are released during inflammation. Individuals with hypertension have been shown to have higher levels of these microparticles in their bloodstream. Among Caucasians, there was only an 8% increase in their production. Brown says, "it appears that the endothelial cells in African Americans are more susceptible to the damaging effects of this inflammation."

What this means is for blacks is that they have to diet and exercise EVEN MORE than whites and Asians, in order to avoid a stroke! One of the best ways to stay healthy is regular exercise, which can be as pleasant as a brisk daily walk. In Anne Strieber’s diet book, she has a special chapter on exercise titled "The Tyranny of the Body," in which she states unequivocally that walking is the very best exercise there is.

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