"Solving the Communion Enigma," Whitley Strieber’s first nonfiction book about his Visitor experiences in over a decade, is in book stores NOW. In it, he tells about the extraordinary information he’s learned about who and what these mysterious beings are. You can watch the video here. A recent Associated Press review says the book has "enough compelling material to make even the rigid skeptic ask questions." If you get the book online, you can get a FREE autographed bookplate, especially designed for "Enigma." Once you have purchased the book, you’ll need to forward the e-receipt or send it as a jpg, screenshot (etc.) to them. If you get a paper receipt from a bookstore, scan it into your computer and follow the same procedure. You will then receive an autoresponse that will include a link to a page where you can input your address. To learn more, click here.

But HURRY–Bookplate supplies are LIMITED!

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