The wreckage of a missing US jet and the body of its pilot were found today in Scotland. Two US F-15 fighters disappeared on a training mission over Scotland yesterday.

President Bush, campaigning for his tax cut proposal in Montana, asked for a moment of silence for them and two other aircrew who died in a helicopter accident in Germany the same day.

The jets were observed by witnesses on the ground. One appeared to be out of control, swooping and then shooting almost straight up into a snow shower. The other plane appeared to be under control. Both were flying at very low altitude over mountainous terrain in variable weather.

A US Air Force source theorizes that the planes may have touched in midair, sending one of them out of control. The second jet, in attempting to keep his stricken partner in sight, also crashed.

Wreckage and one body have been found. It is expected that the remains of the second jet and pilot will be located shortly.

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