Pine Gap is America’s most secure and most secret facility. It is located near Alice Springs in Central Australia, and has long been the center of extensive area UFO activity.

The famous Shuttle Mission STS-48 video that appears to show UFOs clustering around the spacecraft also features a pulse of some sort of energy that is directed upward from the ground, which causes the unknown objects to move away at high speed.

The area of the earth from which the beam emanated would have been central Australia, almost certainly Pine Gap.

This article, published first in 1996, describes very similar phenomena being witnessed from the ground by local people in the base area.

The author believes that observed Pine Gap activity represents an effort by the US, apparently aided by an alien power, to resist another alien power. As incredible as that seems, the Mission STS-48 video provides most unexpected support both for the author’s conclusion and lends credence to the observations made at Pine Gap that are reported here.

This is excerpted from a longer article suggesting that Australia is being prepared as a place of refuge against some sort of catastrophe or possible invasion. In the longer article, the author asserts that the preparations appear to be directed at the present decade.

Please bear in mind that this is a speculative story and is not supported by confirmed facts. It is, nevertheless, most provocative.

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