As predicted in last week’s Unknowncountry.comnewsletter, the second violent weather system in a week developed on Thursday and Friday. The newsletter warned that it couldstrike Kansas, but the fast moving front did not developstorms until it reached Tennessee. It tore through thatstate on Friday. Lives were lost, homes destroyed andrecords shattered as 52 tornadoes touched down in a 24 hourperiod. Then the storm system extended into Georgia onSaturday, and caused more death and destruction there.

Since the beginning of the tornado season three weeks ago,over 400 twisters have touched down across the midwesternand mid-southern U.S., about four times the normal rate. Inaddition, there has been extensive damage caused by hundreds of hailstorms and fierce wind events throughout the region.

The storms are more violent than normal because the Gulf ofMexico did not cool over the winter, and is at present atrecord temperatures for this time of year. The reason thatthis has happened is that global warming gasses are notallowing heat to radiate out into space during the winter,causing it to remain in the water instead.

When cold, dry air from the arctic collides over the middleof North America with the unusually humid, warm air from theGulf, exceptionally violent storms are the result.

This is the second direct and completely indisputable globalwarming effect the United States is experiencing. The firstbegan in 2004, when hurricanes began to become even morefrequent and powerful than predicted by cyclic models.

Ultra violent weather will continue to be a feature of lifein the world, particularly the United States east of theRockies and Europe, until the arctic becomes so warm that itno longer generates cold fronts. After that time, which willtake place within the next ten years, air circulation willslow, and ‘hotspots,’ or areas rendered unliveable for weeksand months at a time due to air pollution and heat, willbecome the new environmental problem.

Whitley Strieber comments, “the conditions that might causea gigantic storm such as the one depicted in my novelSuperstorm are present now. However, when we were writingthe book, we did not anticipate that the buildup ofgreenhouse gasses would be so fast or so aggressive. Itcould be that warming will unfold so fast that an absence ofair circulation will be the greater problem in the immediatefuture. But for the next few years, large areas of theworld, primarily in North American and Europe, will continueto suffer devastation from violent weather.”

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