Doctors say they caused a female patient to have out-of-body experiences by stimulating her brain. They believe this explains what happens when people who are clinically dead report experiences of leaving their body and watching it from above. They didn’t create the effect intentionally?it happened while they were treating her for epilepsy.

Olaf Blanke at Geneva University Hospital in Switzerland was using electrodes to stimulate her brain and found that stimulating a certain spot caused repeated out-of-body experiences (OBEs). At first, the patient felt as if she was sinking into the bed or falling from a height. When the amplitude was increased, she reported leaving her body. She said, “I see myself lying in bed, from above, but I only see my legs and lower trunk.” Further stimulation led to a feeling of floating close to the ceiling.

Blanke says, “OBEs have been reported in neurological patients with epilepsy, migraine and after cerebral strokes, but they also appear in healthy subjects. Awareness of a biological basis of OBEs might allow some patients who suffer frequently from OBEs to talk about them more openly.?

This doesn?t explain the results of the many OBE studies done by Raymond Moody and other researchers, where people tell about going out of their bodies and identifying objects near the ceiling and visiting other rooms and overhearing conversations, often while being clinically dead. It also doesn?t explain the commonly-experienced white light that is seen by so many people who are brought back from death.

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