An invasion of Iraq may make terrorism worse, because we would not be able to take over control of the country immediately. In the meantime, terrorists inside Iraq would have a chance to move or sell their weapons and locate elsewhere, where they could plan retaliation strikes.

According to Iraqi defectors and UNSCOM, the UN special commission charged with finding and destroying Iraq’s weapons, weapons storage areas and production plants are small and hidden all over the country, often underground. Some are even mobile.

Before the Gulf War, commanders in charge of chemical and biological weapons were authorized to use them if Baghdad was hit. “What would those people do after a regime change?” asks Joseph Cirincione, of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington, DC, “Wait around to be taken prisoner?” He thinks they would smuggle weapons out through Iraq’s suddenly uncontrolled borders, where they would sell them to terrorists or seek revenge themselves.

He warns, “A major biological attack on Tel Aviv could provoke a nuclear response from Israel. That would open the gates of hell.”

Let?s hope those gates of hell stay closed. Meanwhile, stay calm with the help of a small book of distilled wisdom from Wayne Dyer, ?10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace?,click here and scroll down, and listen to ?Inner Peace? by Steven Halpern,click here.

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