It’s true–There are SPIES everywhere! (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). Basically, your cell phone wants to control you: it’s tracking you, there are spies on Facebook and a tracking file has been found hidden inside iPhones. To download a program that will reveal the data that your iPhone is secretly recording about YOUR movements, click here. We’re all using so many electronic gadgets that we’re starting to feel like machines ourselves, and now it’s been discovered that millions of Sony PlayStations have committed identify theft, stealing people’s credit card information and passwords.

In the April 27the edition of the New York Times, Nick Bilton and Brian Stelter tell the story of Christopher Miller, who got a new PlayStation for his 25th birthday, which his daughter also uses–only to discover that it–and over 70 millions other PlayStations worldwide–were victims of a hacking attack in which an "unauthorized person" had obtained personal information about account holders, including their names, addresses, e-mail addresses, and PlayStation user names and passwords. Sony warned that other confidential information, including credit card numbers, could have been compromised, warning customers through a statement to ‘remain vigilant’ by monitoring identity theft or other financial loss."

In PC World, Ian Paul writes, "Some suggested that the incident, already a severe blow to Sony’s reputation, would give its top video game rivals, Microsoft and Nintendo, a leg up in the console wars." The Times reporters quote Miller as saying, "It’s ridiculous. (My daughter) doesn’t have any direct purchasing power, but her indirect influence in what my wife and I buy is enormous. Sony is losing the battle over her." They quote Swedish customer management executive Carl-Niclas Odenbring as saying, "Sony is pretty much doing everything wrong," adding that his own daughter, age 6, "misses playing games on her Sony console, but is now playing on an iPad."

We hope you join us at the Dreamland Festival in beautiful Nashville, and we hope you won’t bring your video games along (or spend too much time texting) because we want you to hear the incredible new information from the extraordinary speakers you will be there! 

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