A new report from the European Environment Agency saysEuropean winters will disappear by 2080 unless globalwarming slows down there. This may be why global warming isin the headlines in the U.K. and Europe, while it’s hardlycommented on in the U.S. press.

Gaia Vince writes in New Scientist that Europe is warmingmore quickly than the rest of the world and has moreheatwaves, floods, rising sea levels and melting glaciers.The EEA’s Jacqueline McGlade says, “What the report shows isthat, if we go on as we are, we have less than 50 yearsbefore we encounter conditions which will be uncharted andpotentially hazardous.”

This may be why, while neither Presidential candidate isemphasizing global warming,TonyBlair has made a statement saying, “Time is running out.”

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