Seven earthquakes ranging up to 4.3 in intensity struck NewZealand’s North Island within a few hours of each otherTuesday, while 6+ quakes struck off Japan’s Honshu Islandand in Hokkaido. The quake of Honshu prompted the JapaneseMeteorological Agency to issue a tsunami warning, which waslater cancelled.

The most powerful New Zealand quake measured 4.9 on theRichter scale. It shook the Wellington area. It was followedjust eight minutes later by a 3.8 magnitude aftershock fromthe same area. 30 minutes later a new quake was recorded inthe area.

All seven New Zealand quakes hit within a few hours of eachother. This is reminiscent of the bizarre 47 quake swarmthat struck in China two weeks ago, and is anotherindication that there continues to be a high level of quakeactivity in the Pacific region at this time.

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