A powerful 6.3 earthquake struck off the coast of Honshu,Japan at 10:38 PM Pacific time Tuesday. A short time later,the Japanese Meteorological Agency issued a tsunami warningbased on the action of warning buoys in the earthquake area.

The magnitude 6.3 event has been located off the east coastof Honshu, Japan. The hypocentral depth was estimated to be40 km (25 miles).

Seismic events in this area are known to cause wave action,and Japan has developed one of the best warning systems inthe world. It is expected that a 30 foot tsunami willstrike Honshu approximately every ten years, and manycritical port areas are protected by tsunami barriers.

Nevertheless, a significant wave could be extremelydangerous, and a quake with a 6.3 measurement could producesuch a wave, depending on how much water it moves.

Early Wednesday morning, the tsunami warning was cancelledby the JMA. No damage was reported.

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