Sir Isaac Newton predicted the world will end in 57 years, in 2060. The prediction is part of a handwritten document discovered in Jewish National Library in Jerusalem. However, we don’t need to worry much about it, because although Newton was a scientist, he made this prediction on calculations based on the Bible, rather than from scientific observation. The Mayans predicted the world as we know it will end even sooner, in 2012, using (primitive) scientific methods. Newton died in 1727, after formulating the law of gravity, but he was also a theologian who wrote extensively on biblical subjects.

The Newton documents now in Jerusalem were discovered in England at the home of the Duke of Portsmouth and auctioned at Sotheby’s in London 1930. The buyer was Abraham Yehuda, who later donated the collection to the Jewish National Library. Raphael Weiser, director of the library’s manuscripts and archives department, says the library has never fully examined all the manuscripts. “We have thousands of volumes of Newton,” he says. “We haven’t researched it all.”

The world has many ways to Predict the future. Do our dreams mean anything?

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