Could rumors of terrorist attack themselves be a form of terrorist attack? An attack will hit the U.S. next week, according to an Islamist website. On Monday, the site said, “the train of death is on its way” within 10 days, and “nothing will stop its riders.” The article was written anonymously by someone who calls himself “The Prince of Philosophy.” He said it will be a “little more than 10 or less until we hear the cry announcing to us the good tidings of Allah’s victory [coming] by the hands of our brethren, the jihad fighters. This is a serious matter and not a joke?The operations have already been set, and the lions have taken their positions and everything is complete. They are only waiting for permission from the heroic commander.” Since photos of Osama bin-Laden illustrate the article, we can assume the “commander” is him.

We must remember that a threat is not the same as an action. Threats are designed to strengthen the will of the terrorists (who, after all, have not been able to follow up on 911 within the borders of the U.S.) and scare the enemy?that’s us.

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