An reader from London writes: “I was onmy way to work in the tube (Bakerloo) when the bomb in thefirst Circle Line train detonated. There was no awareness ofit where we were, but the train stopped in the Regent’s Parkstation. A moment later, we were told to evacuate the trainand go to the surface. This frightened me, because it is highly unusual.

“As I was leaving the train, there was a distant sound, a sort of sighing, that came down the line. I have not heard anythinglike this in the underground before, and I believe it couldhave been the second bomb, although on another line, as thelines are all interconnected in one way or another.

“On the surface, we discovered that the tube had beenclosed. Still no word of why. I phoned my office to let themknow that I would be late, and noticed that the cabbies wereaware of something, as they had all stopped taking on fares.

“In a cafe, I heard the news that there had been explosionsin the underground. Terror, because my husband also takesthe tube, in fact the Metropolitan line. As if psychicallyconnected, he telephoned me. He had realised that there wasa bomb, and thought it might be the IRA getting up to theirold affairs again.

“We are just back from weekending in Paris, where there wasa definite increase in security. You could see police withautomatic weapons here and there, so the French must havebeen aware of something.

“What is strange to me is that London is so full ofsurveillance. Even that bus would have had cameras aboard.So why did it happen? How? One had the distinct sense that,if somewhat privacy invaded, we were well protected.

“Of course, terrorists might want to infiltrate policeorganizations. Why not? We shall see how far they get withtheir investigation.

“You have asked that we write if we have news. I alwaysassume that is UFO news, but this is my news. It couldhappen anywhere, remember that.”

“At any rate, I am home after a five hour walk. The cellshave been down due to traffic, so I suppose I will see myhusband when I see him. That’s the news from London.”

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