We’ve had several remote viewers on Dreamland, and most of you know that Anne and Whitley met secret CIA remote viewers when they came to their cabin in New York State. While the government now denies it has such a program, these experts are surely being used as part of Homeland Security, to search for terrorists. Remote viewing has been practiced for thousands of years in Tibetan monasteries, and some people are taking lessons from the monks there. What do the monks see happening in the future?

According to the remote viewers, major world powers are in the course of self-destruction, but the world will NOT be destroyed. Between now and 2012, superpowers will continue to engage in regional and religious wars. Terrorism will be the main problem. In 2012, the world will begin moving towards nuclear war. (Note: this will undoubtedly create an atmosphere of even greater religious extremism. Also, 2012 is the date that the Mayans thought the world would end, since their calendar does not go past that date).

According to the monks, in 2012, ETs will intervene and stop the destruction, since it?s not yet our destiny for the world to end. The Tibetian monks say that every human being though has a life plan, and while we can alter our future to some extent, changing the destiny of the world is not possible. They also says that after 2012, we will realize that the final frontier of science is the same as spirituality. After 2012, out technology will take a different turn. According to them, it’s important to note that UFO sightings, starting with Roswell, have taken place in countries that have nuclear weapons.

N.K. Subramanium writes on the India Daily website that “tourists” are taking remote viewing lessons in Tibetan monasteries, but we suspect that security and covert agents are being sent to Tibet especially to learn this skill. Remote viewing was once a major part of the Tibetan religion and culture (which were essentially the same thing), and we can only hope that this valuable skill isn?t lost under the new Chinese regime.

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