Jim Marrs is at the cutting edge of secret knowledge, and Whitley Strieber’s penetrating interview brings out explosive revelations about 911 in the US that he has never revealed before. We recorded this interview a week ago, then terrorists attacked in London, so we did a SPECIAL interview with him about that subject, which is available free to everyone! In the midst of all this tragedy, here’s some good news: Jim’s cutting edge book on 911, Inside Job, has at last been reprinted and is again available from our store!

In her science report this week, Linda talks to an EYEWITNESS to a cattle mutilation. For subscribers, we have a special treat: You can listen to and download Majestic, Whitley’s definitive book on the Roswell crash, for free. Whitley now admits that his own uncle and his commanding officer, Art Exon, were involved in the Roswell incident. As General Exon said, “Everybody from the White House on down knew that this thing was not of this world within 24 hours of our finding it.”

If you subscribe, you can also listen to all of Jim’s shows as guest host of Dreamland?nobody can get at the truth like Marrs! Don’t miss Jim’s exciting website. Keep in touch with our website to learn the TRUTH about 911, that other media won’t tell you.

If you love Jim Marrs, you’ll love his books. Rule by Secrecy reveals who is REALLY running the world (and it’s NOT who you think it is). Alien Agenda gives his unique take on ETs.

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