The latest round of UFO denial blames small orange candle lanterns and/or road flares attached to helium balloons for UFO sightings, but the real UFO wave continues worldwide.

There are two recent sightings that cannot be attributed to flares, candle lanterns, swamp gas or the moonlight reflecting off the wings of passing geese. The first one, in Australia, occurred as some miners were starting the night shift at a mine on an island off the remote Northern Territory.

The sighting, on Groote Eylandt Island, took place at the Gemco mine site. At 7:15 pm local time on April 30, miners saw a bright light moving overhead. It appeared to be at an altitude consistent with an aircraft, but there was no sound and no strobe lights. Then it suddenly shot off, leaving an orange trail behind it, which slowly faded.

The Australian Ministry of Defense said that there were no military aircraft in the area, and that any ships setting off flares would have been hundreds of miles away. For more details, click here.

Meanwhile, in Kent in the UK, on the night of the April 27, witnesses observed a bright light that changed shape before speeding off in the sky. At first, they thought that it was a searchlight shining on the thin cloud cover, but when it changed shape, then darted away, it became obvious that this was not the case.

A few minutes later, two jets appeared in the area, then later a large prop aircraft circled for a period of time. Both phenomena are typically observed after the appearance of a UFO, and are routinely denied by the military. For more details on this story, click here.

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