Raising the World Peace Pillar – For our FIRST Dreamland conference in Nashville on June 27-29, we told you what Jim Marrs is going to talk about, then we told you what Linda Howe is going to report on. Now William Henry tells us what he plans to reveal there. If enough people get together and think about peace, could we change the world? William says, “As 2012 approaches, and our Sun and solar system attunes and atones with the center of the galaxy, we are entering a chaotic time that calls for us to keep ourselves aligned with our highest selves. It also calls for nothing less than the raising of the mystic World Pillar. This is the bond or union between Heaven and Earth the ancient Egyptians called the ‘Djed’ or ‘Osiris,’ that brings stability to our world. In this presentation I will reveal the incredible details about Nashville’s Bicentennial Mall?a 2,200-foot long pillar at the base of the Tennessee State Capital?and how this living temple of wisdom uses ancient Egyptian Djed and temple technology to attune our bodies with celestial and earth energies. On Sunday we’ll walk together and enjoy the energy this ultra powerful place radiates.

“The Djed. The World Pillar. The Tree of Life. All of these terms are interchangeable. In Egypt this was the symbol of Osiris, the Green Man who opened the Door in the Sky. I will additionally explore the connection between Osiris, 2012 and the Mayan prediction of the opening of a stargate at World?s End.”

Anne Strieber has promised to hand out FREE copies of her Green Man diary, on paper with a leafy border that is suitable for framing, to the first 40 people she sees wearing green at the conference.

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We have posted a “Dreamland Special” conversation between Anne Strieber and William Henry, during which William tells us why Nashville, where the conference is being held, is such a special place.

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