Being constantly bombarded with bad news, it’s hard to remember that we live in a world of wonders, and science promises real miracles ahead. A visitor once said to a close encounter witness, ‘we rearrange atoms.’ This would be the most powerful scientific tool ever created, literally like magic. The ability to rearrange atoms would mean that we could design entirely new materials or change one thing into another, reconstructing our world to fit our needs in ways that are now beyond imagination. But the process is not so far beyond imagination. As this video from IBM demonstrates, it is becoming possible to manipulate single atoms. Research in this direction will lead one day to the holy grail of rearranging atoms, and that’s only the beginning of the new discoveries being made right now.

In the Key, the Master of the Key comments that the use of gas as a memory storage medium is an important step in constructing the kind of super dense memory that intelligent machines will need. The comment was made in 1998 and published in 2002, and since then research has rapidly caught up with it. Gasses are being extensively studied as mediums for memory storage. But now an even more sophisticated process has proved to be so reliable in laboratory testing that it is almost certainly at the leading edge of the most phenomenal information revolution in history: quantum teleportation of information.

Researchers at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen have succeeded in teleporting information between two clouds of gas atoms. Not only that, the effect is stable. So far, it has worked every time. What is transmitted are binary sequences, meaning that vast amounts of information may be transferable in this manner, and that machines using this process can be of almost unimaginable complexity–computers that are capable of data manipulation on a scale that we have not previously imagined.

These are just two of many pioneering efforts that herald a new age of science, in which mankind is going to finally begin to create true supertools, such as machines that are not just as intelligent as we are, but more intelligent, and be able to manipulate our environment to suit our needs.

A third effort, quantum levitation, suggests that it may be possible to create devices that can function much like the flying saucers we have been observing for years.  Remember, this is NOT magnetic levitation. As the video will demonstrate in its astonishing last 40 seconds, this is a true quantum process, very different from the sort of levitation that can be done in a high school science lab with magnets.

Has the presence of the visitors or the things they have said influenced any of these discoveries? That’s one thing that no self-respecting scientist would ever dare admit, but one thing is clear: we are well on our way to learning crucial new processes that will be the basis of an entirely new human experience, and promise a future well worth experiencing.

Subscribers can listen to Dean Radin of the Institute for Noetic Sciences discussing why he believes that quantum entanglement may extend to the mind in this fascinating interview. Anne Strieber has also interviewed 24 close encounter witnesses, many of whom describe processes in use by the visitors that are being discovered right now, or may be in the future. To listen to these interviews, use advanced search to search Contactee Interviews on the term ‘contactee.’ (Advanced search is found under the gold O+ on the right side of our masthead.)

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