This week we ask you an especially intriguing question about why the visitors don?t come out in the open. Is it because they are evil, afraid or opposed by the government? Or do they think we’re not advanced enough for contact? Are they imaginary?or is there a quantum reason for their hesitation? We want to hear what you think, so be sure to vote.

Last week, when we asked you what you think the implants are, 74% said they are “placed in people by aliens.” 15% of you think they’re put in people by the government. The rest of the votes were low: 5% think they’re something natural, 3% that they’re a fantasy and 3% that they’re a hoax.

If you haven’t yet decided how you feel about it, be sure to listen to the last Dreamland broadcast on Dec. 28, when Dr. Roger Leir, who has removed many implants, will be one of our guests. And remember, Dreamland doesn’t end when we?re off the radio?we?ll continue our weekly interviews on the internet with the world’s most interesting authors!

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