Nature hasn’t been making sense lately. One example is the mysterious hole that keeps appearing in a frozen lake. Ice fishermen and snowmobilers have always trusted Long Lake in Minnesota to stay frozen solid all winter?until the last two years, when there?s been an unexplained hole in it. Last March, one person died when he came upon the hole unexpectedly.

This year the hole is over 1,300 feet long and 500 feet wide. Since the water is about 16 feet deep in the area of the hole, and Long Lake gets as deep as 97 feet, the area where the hole is should be frozen as solid as the rest of the lake. Researchers who flew over it with a thermal camera saw it glowing white around the edges, showing the presence of warm water. Researcher Allan Cibuzar placed sensors on the lake bottom last year to record temperature and chemical levels in the water, but test results didn?t show anything conclusive.

Divers Todd and Bill Matthews plan to go the bottom of the lake and use dye to check for currents and take temperature readings. Todd has already been down there once this year and says, ?It didn?t seem warm to me?usually I feel it on my face.?

?I don?t know of any volcanos we?re sitting on,? says Bill. ?In 44 years of this [diving], I haven?t seen anything like this.? Cibuzar doesn?t rule out some type of natural volcanic activity, although his sensors haven?t picked any up.

In another example of nature going nuts, migrating snow geese took a wrong turn and ended up on a Scottish island thousands of miles away from their usual wintering grounds in the U.S. Snow geese from northern Canada normally fly south for the winter and are seldom seen in northern Europe. But this year they ended up on the island of Islay. They?ll make it through the winter there, although it will be a colder, wetter experience than they?re used to.

Sometimes something happens that causes the world to stop making sense and changes you completely.

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