Michael Guillen, the science journalist selected by Clonaid to verify the recent births of two human clones, says, “This morning, I suspended the independent review process designed to determine whether or not a cloned human baby has been born. The team of scientists has had no access to the alleged family and, therefore, cannot verify firsthand the claim that a human baby has been cloned. In other words, it’s still entirely possible Clonaid’s announcement is part of an elaborate hoax intended to bring publicity to the Raelian movement.”

Peer-review plays a major part in the scientific community’s acceptance of new discoveries. But the Raelians are skipping this process, perhaps because they are not part of the academic scientific community. However, they may also be hiding one of two things: the infants are not really clones or they may be clones, but have the kinds of tragic birth defects commonly found in cloned animals. They are being accused of announcing the births in order to get publicity, but without proof, they must realize this tactic will backfire, removing what little credibility they have.

Bioethicist Arthur Caplan says, “I think they timed it. I think they picked Christmas week deliberately. Nobody should get a story until they produce evidence.”

Robert Lanza of Advanced Cell Technology, which clones many animals, says, “They are claiming to have the expertise to clone people and they didn’t even buy a home DNA kit? The samples could have been taken by someone in junior high school. That only adds to their complete lack of credibility.”

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