UFO hacker Gary McKinnon is to be extradited to the US by Great Britain, according to a decision handed down by British Home Secretary John Reid. McKinnon is accused of hacking into NASA and US military computers in search of UFO evidence. According to what he told Dreamland listeners, he did not hack into anything, but simply entered computers on insecure networks that had no firewalls and were not password protected. McKinnon faces a virtual certainty of a long prison sentence in the US, and almost no chance of receiving a fair trial. The extradition order came as a surprise to him. He has two weeks to appeal, but appeals in such cases are rarely granted. In general, however, Mr. McKinnon would have the right to be tried in the country where he allegedly committed the crime, which was the UK, and which has more appropriate sentencing guidelines for the relatively minor offense involved.

US prosecutors plan to pretend that he was a terrorist and possibly not even try him, but incarcerate him without due process, as is their right under the USA Patriot Act. His defense team is concerned that he will be sent to Guantanamo or another US ‘rendition’ camp and never be seen alive again.

Is this yet another example of the sinister forces abroad in our world? On Wednesday, June 7, Gary talked to Linda Moulton Howe in a Dreamland Special about what he allegedly discovered about UFOs, and about his desperate battle to avoid extradition. Subscribers can still listen to this extraordinary interview. Don’t miss it: subscribe today!

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