Lawyers for the Coalition for Freedom of Information say NASA still refuses to comply with the Feedom of Information Act request they made 10 months ago to get copies of its records on the 1965 UFO incident in Kecksburg, PA., when residents saw a fireball descend into a heavily-forested area. The area was cordoned off by the military, and the town was briefly placed under martial law. CFi attorney Lee Helfrich says, “The documents released shed little light on the incident, but are indicative of how hard NASA is trying to prevent the public from finding out what really happened on December 9, 1965.”

Helfrich says, “The day after CFi’s press conference [on October 21st] and on the eve of the airing of SCI FI [Channel?s] Kecksburg documentary [on October 24th], a NASA official contacted me to say the agency was forwarding 36 pages of documents responsive to our FOIA request and apologized somewhat too profusely that it had ‘overlooked’ sending out the results of its research at an earlier date. CFi was determined to give NASA the benefit of the doubt and to assume that the agency conducted a reasonable, good faith search?especially given that NASA itself had decided back in June that its initial response to CFi’s FOIA request was woefully inadequate. But our trust in NASA’s reliability proved to be far too generous. It is difficult not to conclude that NASA’s response was simply a ploy to undercut the force of CFi’s press conference and the audience for its documentary on Kecksburg.”

“NASA’s stonewalling leaves us no choice,” says CFi director Ed Rothschild. “We intend to file a lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia in the coming weeks?as soon as our attorneys tell us that we have officially exhausted all administrative procedures so as to comply with the requirements of the court.”

The SCI FI Channel will rebroadcast its documentary “Kecksburg UFO: New Evidence” on Friday, November 21 at 9-11 pm (ET/PT), with updates on the lawsuit.

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