The famous Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash, which occurred in 1947, is not the only time a UFO fell to Earth. Another crash?complete with debris and alien bodies?may have taken place in Cape Girardeau, Missouri in 1941.

Hal McKenzie writes in that Charlette Mann says her grandfather, Rev. William Huffman, went to the crash site to “bless” three dead aliens. She learned this from the 1984 deathbed confession of her grandmother, who said her husband was called to the site, where he saw police, firemen, FBI agents and photographers. When he looked inside the crashed UFO, he saw hieroglyphic writing of the kind that has been described as being inside the Roswell craft.

UFO researcher Ryan Wood obtained Mann’s testimony for his TV documentary on the crash, which has been shown on the Sci Fi channel. Mann says she saw photograph of one of the dead aliens. “I saw that (picture) and asked my grandmother at a later time. She was at my home fatally ill with cancer so we had a frank discussion. He [Rev. Huffman] described it as a saucer that was metallic in color, no seams, did not look like anything he had seen. It had been broken open in one portion, and so he could walk up and see that. In looking in he saw a small metal chair, gauges and dials and things he had never seen. However, what impressed him most was around the inside there were inscriptions and writing, which he said he did not recognize, but were similar to Egyptian hieroglyphics. There were three entities, or non-human people, lying on the ground. Two were just outside the saucer, and a third one was further out. His understanding was that perhaps that third one was not dead on impact. … As I recall from the picture I saw, he was about four feet tall, appeared to have no bone structure, soft looking. He had a suit on, or we assume it was a suit, it could have been his skin, and that looked like crinkled, soft aluminum foil. I recall it had very long hands, very long fingers, and I think there were three but I cannot swear to that.”

The picture was passed down to Charlette?s father, Guy Huffman, who gave it to photographer Walter Fisk around 1953-55. UFO researcher Stanton Friedman found Fisk in New Mexico, but so far, Fisk has refused to respond to his phone calls or letters.

If you want to know what’s really going on, ask the people it’s happening to.

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