Unknowncountry.com is one of the few news sources in theworld that is able to assemble similar unusual stories fromdifferent areas, and now it appears that mystery tremors,like the mystery booms reported last week, are taking placein diverse areas.

Like the booms, the tremors are being explained as localphenomena, but, when they occur in clusters like this, isthat really true?

Residents of Hervey Bay in Queensland, Australia experienceda mystery tremor on November 29, just after 3PM AustralianTime. The tremor was perceived as a low rumble and afluttering sensation in the air, described by residents as?odd.? Royal Australian Air Force officials could notexplain the phenomenon, but said that it was not related toany known air activities.

A day later, residents of Northern New Jersey experiencedfour small seismic events of 1.3 magnitude on the RichterScale. Columbia University?s Lamont-Doherty EarthObservatory in Palisades, NY, traced the tremors to a rockquarry in the area.

Like the booms that took place worldwide in different areaslast week and in recent months, local events seemed toexplain them. Or did they?

To read about the Queensland tremor,clickhere.

To read about the Northern New Jersey tremor,click here

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