The Kansas City Star reports that a priest appeared at the scene of a car accident in Missouri, reassured the trapped victim and rescuers that she would be all right, then disappeared. Rescuers were mystified because the highway was blocked and the priest would have had to walk over a quarter of a mile across the flat terrain in order to leave the scene. They are at a loss as to how he disappeared, and are requesting that he come forward and identify himself. Some are calling it a miracle, but it’s also possible that the rescuers were too busy with the effort they were making to notice his departure. He came with anointing oil in hand, reassured the victim and the rescuers, exerting what witnesses are calling a ‘calming effect,’ then was gone.

KHQA-TV reports that the accident happened on the morning of August 4, when a drunk driver crossed the center line of a highway near Center, Missouri and struck a car driven by 19-year-old Katie Lentz of Quincy, Ill. Miss Lentz was trapped in the car and rescuers were having difficulty extracting her when the priest appeared. Shortly afterward, equipment arrived that enabled the girl to be extracted safely. She is recovering in hospital.

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