The Turkish Prime Ministry Inspection Board is suggesting in a report that three engineers working on a sensitive air force automatic foe recognition system may have been killed using telekinesis to induce them to commit suicide. The report was prepared for the Ankara Public Prosecutor as part of the ongoing investigation of the 2006-2007 suicides. It claims that the victims could have been induced to commit suicide by some psychic means such as telekinesis, citing the findings of a neuropsychology expert.

All three victims were working on the same project, and all committed suicide under mysterious circumstances between 2006 and 2009. No satisfactory explanation for the deaths has ever been found. Hüseyin Başbilen, an engineer at Turkey’s military research and development enterprise, Aselsan, was found dead in his car on Aug. 7, 2006. A court ruled in 2009 that he committed suicide. Two other engineers working at Aselsan died shortly after.

Halim Ünal was shot in the head with one bullet on Jan. 17, 2007, while Evrim Yançeken fell from the balcony of his sixth-floor apartment nine days later.

All three engineers were working on a friend-or-foe recognition system for Turkish warplanes at the time of their suicides. Aselan is a major Turkish defense contractor.

Famed remote viewing pioneer and Dreamland guest Russell Targ has in the past claimed that he has been the object of telekinetic attack, and he has discussed the powers of telekinesis on Dreamland. It has long been rumored that various government are actively involved in the use of telekinetic and electromagnetic means of mind control in order to force suicides.

In this week’s Unknowncountry subscriber area, supernatural expert Richard Smoley discusses toxic prayer and the use of black magic to do such things as induce suicide. On free Dreamland, the Harvard and Oxford educated expert offers a broad view of the actual, if generally denied, power of the supernatural.

The image is Hyseyin Basbilen.

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