Mysterious booms have been reported before inCalifornia,and now a serious of loud booming noises is shaking housesin Indiana.

In Fort Wayne, Justin Brugger says, “It’s a quick, solid,boom-type noise. One lady described it as a tremor.” Itfirst started happening about a month ago. He says, “Ithought it might be construction?but that doesn’t appear tobe it.”

Brugger plans to plot boom locations on a map from calls hereceives from residents who?ve heard them, in order to findout where they’re coming from. So far, they seem to beoccurring at random times on a long, narrow stretch of land.

Denise Porter-Ross of the mayor’s office says, “It’s just alittle disturbing. You’re hearing these noises, but you goout to investigate and nothing’s there.”

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