Ivan is on its way towards Florida, but this probably won’tbe the last major storm to hit the U.S. this year. NASAmeteorologist Marshall Shepherd says, “Over the past fewyears, we’ve seen an increasing trend toward greateractivity in the Atlantic Basin and increased strength instorms. [That] has been leading us to believe that we aregoing to start seeing more intense hurricanes. That may bebearing itself out right now.”

As we’ve reported on ourwebsitebefore, warmer ocean temperatures due to global warming arecausing these storms. On CNN.com, Michael Coren quotesmeteorologist Andy Coburn as saying, “[With] enough money,you can build buildings resistant against the wind. Theforce of water is completely different. We don’t have thetechnology or the economic feasibility that can withstandthe forces of moving water.” The only solution? “Get thehell out of the way.”

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