A season of increasingly bizarre and violent weather has continued with devastating tornadoes in the United States on May 4-5, with the storm system rebuilding on May 6. These storms have devastated communities in Kansas, Missouri, Georgia and Tennessee, and have taken 38 lives.

This is not the first episode of unusual and extremely violent weather to strike in recent months. There have been so many incidents in the past six months, that it begins to appear that we are entering a period of violent and changing climate.The combination of reduced oceanic circulation, high levels of solar activity, and more and more heat being retained in the lower atmosphere, is causing this change.

As a result, this winter saw extraordinary cold in Siberia, people freezing to death in Bangladesh, a devastating blizzard across the eastern US that began as a weather system in the Pacific and ended over Europe, unusual ice storms in Canada and New York in April, and now a severe and continuing disturbance in the US Midwest. In addition, the first tropical storm of the season formed in April, two months ahead of the normal beginning of the watch season.

At present, the severe Midwestern storm system appears to be reforming.

Earth’s Future Climate author Henry Willis offers insight that examines the current situation. He writes:

The severe tornadoes currently occurring in the Midwest were brought about by an unusual pattern in the Jet Stream. Visualize if you will the Jet Stream over the U.S. as an elongated, lazy “S.” The bottom of the “S” begins in Arizona, and the top of the “S” ends in New England. The bottom crook of the “S” is situated over the eastern Midwest of the U.S.

What happens with this bottom crook is that cold, dry air from Canada and warm, wet air from the Gulf of Mexico are drawn into it. It acts as a caldron for these air masses in which to mix. The result is an exceptionally unstable and violent weather pattern that generates tornadoes.

Both the shift of the Jet Stream and the violent expression of these weather patterns are a direct result of the fact that the lower atmosphere is warming and retaining more heat, allowing more and more extreme temperature differences between lower and higher levels of the atmosphere. This is an effect of global warming. What will come from these weather patterns is violent weather and extreme flooding during the spring, followed by severe drought during the summer, followed by more extreme weather and flooding in the fall.

These are weather patterns are exactly what I predicted in my book Earth’s Future Climate,which I discuss in my interview in the Unknowncountry.com subscriber section. The climatic events of global warming are predictable. I am extremely saddened that not many are paying attention to those predictions. Forewarned is forearmed.

There was an ominous drop in stratospheric temperatures during the recent tornado event in the Midwest. This is because the lower atmosphere is retaining too much heat, and the differential is causing storms to become more violent. I wish to suggest that such patterns, occurring over wide areas, could lead to much larger and more violent storm systems, even the interlinked and self-feeding storm complex called a superstorm.

I am seriously concerned that my predictions regarding changes in weather patterns are proving to be true. The fact of the matter is we must all prepare for a future where an unstable climate has replaced the relatively benign weather patterns we have known through most of recorded history. We will have to live with whatever consequences this change has for our welfare. Planning now, on every level from the personal to the global, is essential if we are going to continue to survive in this new climate that is being born all around us right now.

Henry Willis

Note: Photo shows cloud structure during recent severe storms.

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