Scientists believe they can create both eggs and sperm from either male or female stem cells. It’s worked with mice and Japanese scientists think it will work for humans too. This would mean that, for the first time, a male couple could have biological children.

However, the most obvious use would be to help infertile heterosexual couples to produce children using in-vitro fertilization. Even couples where the woman can’t produce viable eggs and the man can’t produce sperm would be able to have children.

While conservatives may object to two men becoming parents, their objections to stem cell research will be soon be over, since sources other than embryos are rapidly being discovered. The latest source is our baby teeth. Stem cells created from adult tissue have limited abilities, while stem cells from embryonic tissue can develop into any cell in the body. Stem cells from children’s teeth fall somewhere in between.

When his six-year-old daughter and her friends began losing their baby teeth, dentist Songtao Shi collected them to see if they contained stem cells. He kept them fresh by storing them overnight in a glass of milk. In the future, we may all save our baby teeth in case we need them for bodily repair or to become parents, later on in life.

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