Same type of UFO was seen in Texas! – We’ve all heard about the strange blue light, but mysterious orange lights are commonly seen in the sky as well?including those famous sightings reported by Linda Howe in Stephenville Texas. You can see one in Scotland by clicking here.

In fact, the American Chronicle website reports that glowing, orange objects have been seen in the sky this year not only in Texas, but also in Ohio and now in the UK.

In January a policeman in Stephenville watched a video of a UFO made by another trooper, then spotted the same thing in the sky. The Chronicle quotes him as saying, “and then this thing, right in front of my eyes, [it] changes and it looks almost like a jellyfish. I compare it maybe even to a parachute?and now a very bright white.” Sightings of jellyfish UFOs in the sky are more common that most people realize.

Did this particular UFO cross the ocean from the UK? In January, people in Conisholme, England reported seeing something strange in the sky which looked like an “octopus” and had “tentacles.”

Earlier, in November, a woman in Ohio saw one too. The Chronicle quotes her description of it as a “very large, orange-yellow-white-colored orb” that reminded her of an amoeba because of the way it moved and changed shape. In another part of Ohio, around the same time, people saw a glowing orange UFO with “a biological shape.”

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