Gray running beside car? Photo of a Chupacabra? – A strange chupacabra photo that was recently taken in Argentina and linked to our Out There section is causing excitement among British cryptozoologists. And we have asked two technical experts about a video that seems to show an alien running alongside an automobile. Keep reading to see photo of a possible chupacabra.

In the January 14th edition of The Telegraph, Matthew Moore reports that the photographer who snapped the picture was only able to capture a single frame before the creature flew away. Later, using high-resolution equipment, local police were able to show that it had eye sockets and a beak. They estimate it was a little over 2 feet tall.

However, the image could actually be a bird or insect that flew close to the lens. Moore quotes one blogger who studied the photo as saying, “The legs make me think it’s some kind of grasshopper or locust.”

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