For years, huge blocks of ice have been slamming to earth worldwide. It’s usually assumed that these come from airplanes, although this has been disproved over and over again, and each incident is treated by the local media in the area where the ice falls as unique and not related to the other cases. The truth is that these are probably an indication of global warming. Now the Myers home in Delaware has been struck and the family who live there barely avoided injury after a huge block of ice came crashing through their roof.

The local CBS station in Woodlyn, Delaware quotes Penny Myers as saying, “There was this explosion in the room. At first I thought it was the TV shattering and glass, then I looked up and saw the hole in the ceiling and I was afraid the whole ceiling was going to collapse.”

They quote Ed Myers as describing the incident this way: “A huge amount of ice shot to every corner of the room and it was just a complete disaster. It is just very unnerving to think that you were standing right next to that when it happened.”

As usual, the FAA is investigating and as usual, they will test the ice and discover that it does not contain any of the chemicals that are found in airplane toilets. But the falling blocks of ice ARE related to airplanes. The global warming theory is this: The stratosphere, where planes fly, is getting colder, because greenhouse gasses are trapping warmth in the troposphere, just below it. This causes contrails to freeze, instead of dissipating harmlessly, and some of them may fall to earth as large blocks of ice.

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