Newswise – Black holes in space are a mystery. Astrophysicists believed they can swallow up nearby matter, but until recently, theyhaven’t understood what draws matter close to black holes inthe first place. Want to understand black holes? The bestway to do it is to create one.

It’s always been assumed that when matter gets too close tothe black hole?s outer edge, it plunges quickly, smoothlyand quietly into the hole. But new research shows this isn’tthe way it happens. Black holes are actually filled withturbulent magnetic fields that suck matter into them.

A fireball has been created in a particle accelerator in NewYork, which has the characteristics of a black hole. Theaccelerator smashes atomic particles together. When thenuclei of gold molecules smashed into each other, theyformed a ball of plasma about 300 times hotter than the sun.This fireball lasted only 10 million, billion, billionths ofa second, but its core sucked in particles the same way ablack hole does.

Perhaps this is what’s behind the secret of alchemy, whichclaimed to be able to turn brass into gold.

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