In Whitley?s latestJournal, he talksabout the Schiavo case, and says, “In the past few years,twice had to make similar decisions. In both cases, thevictims had living wills, but, believe me, when you arealone with the question of whether or not to pull the plug,there is always an element of doubt, and that is anagonizing place to be?It is possible for a human being to beentirely alone with an impossible decision. Not only that,it is a loneliness that will come to many of us, and more incoming years as medicine gives more and more of us theopportunity to make basic life and death decisions aboutthose we love?People scream moral guidance at you out ofpulpits and books and on the television, but, when you areface to face with these issues, you realize that they’rejust a bunch of crying babies and vampires. They havenothing, and I mean NOTHING, to give somebody who is in thatsituation.” Don’t miss this heartrending journal entry.

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