A typical date involves going to a movie, and this isn’t abad idea, since scientists say watching a film can increasehormone levels?but to get the right hormones, you have topick the right movie.

Some hormones make people aggressive, while others, like thehormone progesterone, make us feel romantic. Watching “TheBridges of Madison County” caused progesterone levels torise by more than 10% percent in both men and women.However, the film also caused men’s testosterone levels tofall. High testosterone makes men to feel sexy and helpsthem perform.

Watching “The Godfather Part II” caused men’s testosteronelevels to soar by 30%. However, watching a documentary aboutthe Amazon rain forest didn’t change the hormones of eithermen or women.

Psychologist Oliver Schultheiss says, “When you’re watchingmovies, your hormones are responding, not just your mind. Ifyou want to learn about someone?s personality, look at theirvideo collection.”

How to get the date you want? Learn how togetlucky! Believe it or not, it’s a science.

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