It’s no use trying to change?new research shows you wereleft-handed when you were a 10-week-old fetus in yourmother’s womb.

Laura Spinney writes in New Scientist that the hand youfavor as a fetus is the hand you’ll favor for the rest ofyour life. Peter Hepper studied ultrasound scans of 1,000fetuses and found that nine out of 10 of them preferred tosuck their right thumbs. He later found that the samechildren, when older, were all right-handed, while the leftthumb-suckers were left-handed.

“There is no evidence that the brain has any control overthese movements at this stage,” says Hepper. He thinks thepreference for one side of the body may be because that sidedevelops slightly faster.

It’s known that lefties use different parts of the brainthan righties and are often more creative. This new findingcould mean that left-handedness causes the brain to developin a different way, and not the other way around.

No matter how what hand you use the most, your life willwork better if you learn totrustyour vibes. It’s a whole new way to live.

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