Peter Levenda, author of Unholy Alliance, regularly reports on UFOs in his adopted country of Malaysia?news that doesn’t reach us here in the U.S.

He writes, “In the Chinese language newspaper Nanyang Siang Pau on January 24, 2003 there was a report of a UFO spotted along the Thai-Malaysian border. It was seen on both sides of the border by both Thais and Malaysians, and was a slow-moving disc-shaped vehicle that passed over the small towns and then disappeared. A resident reported, ‘When the UFO floated past, the sky lit up as if the moon was moving.’

“The Malaysian Department of Meteorology ‘denied any knowledge of it, saying it is not under its jurisdiction.’ A spokesman said that even if it is a UFO, the department’s radar will not detect the object as it is too close to the ground.

“For those not familiar with the territory, the Thai-Malaysian border has been the site of revolutionary activity and insurgency in the past (notably in the 1950s and 1960s), and is now famous for the smuggling of contraband. The border is clear-cut in places and dense rain forest in others, providing a haven for those living outside the law. While there is military presence along the border, as would be expected, it is mostly directed towards smuggling interdiction: of people and contraband. I only submit all of this as background, in case others may come up with an idea as to why a UFO would be seen in this rural, out-of-the-way location and noticed by so many people. In Southeast Asia it is not unusual to find UFO activity near airports and military installations, but the few abduction reports seem to take place in rural areas only and are sometimes confused with local spirit legends.”

Unlike the U.S., UFOs are regularly reported in Malaysia and have even been seen on the TV news. It would be interesting to figure out why that doesn?t happen here.

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