We’ve all read the usual year?s end lists, like “Best Movies of 2002,” but how about the most obnoxious Spam? 2002 was a big year for Spam?30% of the e-mail we received were unsolicited ads, and it’s predicted that Spam will make up 50% of all e-mail in 2003. Did you receive some of these messages??

The most annoying Spam promotes sex sites. Thankfully, most of these come in “plain wrappers,” so you have to click on them or get a password in order to actually see the photos. However, some pop up out of nowhere with images such as people peeing on each other. This can be quite a shock if you’re surreptitiously looking at your e-mail while talking to your mother-in-law. At our house, the female got constant offers to add three inches to her penis, while the male was told how to enlarge his breasts. We were both constantly offered Viagra. For the more romantically-minded, there were those Russian gals who just wanted to meet nice men. Unfortunately, they turned out to be a medical student in the U.K. who was trying to pay his tuition.

Whether we own a home or not, we were offered mortgage money daily. And we can’t forget those pleading messages for money from Nigeria!

If only Spammers would learn from Superbowl advertisers and make their messages funny, they might get more than a quick glance and a fast “delete.”

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