Unknowncountry.com is continuing its reporting on the big booms that have been heard along the East Coat recently. They?ve been especially loud along the coast of North Carolina. They have been heard since the 1800s, when author James Fenimore Cooper called them ?Seneca Guns? in one of his short stories. Officials have determined that they are not caused by airplanes, earthquakes or storms.

They could be caused by methane explosions on the ocean floor, but many meteorologists think they are the result of cold air meeting up with warm Gulf Stream air. Like the large blocks of ice that occasionally fall from the sky, they could therefore a product of global warming, even though they?re nothing new. The most recent ?Seneca gun? was heard around Wilmington, North Carolina in May, 2000. Like most of them, it caused a rash of phone calls to local police stations.

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Input from our readers–“Melody” writes:

Dear Whitley and Anne,

We experienced a loud BOOM here in Myrtle Beach S.C. onTues. Dec.14 around 7:35 PM. I was sitting here watching TVand when I heard it I instinctively raised my right arm upto my head as to protect myself.

I literally thought something was going to come crashingthrough the ceiling. It was extremely loud and the soundwas extended. That’s why I thought something was crashingdown. You could tell it was an air burst. Not ground based.It shook the window behind me, the sofa I was sitting onand I felt it move through my chest. This thing cracked andrumbled through the air. Powerful!

Long story short-the military WAS conducting trainingexercises that night, they do often and this is the”official” explanation [sonic boom], but unfortunately thisis also their standard answer,#1 for everything. Shaw AirForce Base has claimed responsibility for the incident. I thought maybe a meteor exploding in the atmosphere since wejust moved through the Geminids.

I also thought about the mystery booms being reported. Itwas very cold that night. I know that’s going to affectsound waves.

You can read about it in The Sun News, Myrtle Beach’s localpaper and I’m sure other local papers ran an article on it. Personally I thought and felt it was ?abby normal.?Lots of residents saw different things and not everyonebelieves the official explanation given although it ispossible.

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