In the past few years, there have been a series of mysterious deaths of microbiologists. The death of retiredprofessor Jeong Im is the latest. The 72-year-old scientistwas stabbed to death in a parking garage on the Universityof Missouri campus, put in the trunk of his Honda, and hiscar was set on fire. Police are baffled about the case andhave no idea who the perpetrator could be, although ahooded, masked man was seen leaving the crime scene with agas can. Hollywood has even taken notice of this series ofdeaths and is planning to make a movie about the phenomenon.

Mike Wells writes in the Columbia (University of Missouri)Daily Tribune that a few days after Im?s body was found,author Steve Quayle appeared on "Coast to Coast AM" sayingthat Im was the 40th microbiologist to die under suspiciouscircumstances in the last four years. These scientists werestabbed to death, like Im, drowned, and died in planecrashes and car accidents. Some of the deaths looked likesuicides. The only reason why some researchers don?tconsider most of them to be ?natural? deaths is because ofthe sheer numbers and the strange fact that so many of themspecialized in research that could be used to createbioweapons, although Im published nothing that would haveindicated an interest in such research.

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