California’s Silicon Valley’s tech gurus are famous for their technical problem-solving skills, but as we’ve all experienced, sometimes there’s a ghost in the machine, that particular gremlin that no amount of tech support seems to exorcise. But tech companies know who to call, and it’s a specialist with a seemingly unlikely skillset…

Practicing witch Reverend Jo Ellen Michelle Talley’s specialty is helping tech companies deal with problems that appear to be out of their hands–namely, problems with their equipment and systems that are of a spiritual nature. Her clients will procure her services to help ward off potential hacks, viruses, and legal problems, using her expertise with spell casting and Tarot reading. If a system is already compromised in some fashion, Talley uses a jet stone to alter the energies involved, as part of her array of tools used to aid her clients.

Talley is also a practicing Wiccan, hosting monthly lunar rituals, and holds three master’s degrees. “I don’t know anything about electronics, but I got the spirit out. I really like dealing with demons," explains Talley. She charges her corporate clients $200 an hour.

Whitley Strieber says: "Anybody who refuses to believe that gremlins, demons and other sorts of astral wildlife cannot inhabit electronic devices do so at their own risk!"

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