A supermassive black hole is at the center of our Milky Way galaxy that has a mass 3.7 million times that of the Sun. Like all black holes, it has a strong gravitational attraction that sucks in all matter that comes too close?including light. There is evidence that most galaxies have black holes at the center, just like ours. Until recently, black holes were just a theory, and no one could prove they really existed. But now?”We have been able to exclude some still possible alternative configurations…there is nothing left that one would consider realistic and possible, other than a black hole,” says Dr. Reinhard Genzel

Astronomers were able to spot the black hole by looking at the movement of a nearby star, which may eventually get sucked into the black hole and disappear. Dr. Karl Gebhardt says, “The only compelling explanation is that there is a supermassive black hole lurking there. These results are the best evidence yet that supermassive black holes are not just theory, but fact.”

We don?t have to look into space in order to discover new truths?sometimes they?ve been right in front of us for thousands of years. One example are the strange, mysterious lines drawn by prehistoric man on stones?Reinoud de Jonge and Jay Wakefield have believe these are ancient maps and they prove it in ?How the Sun God Reached America,?click here. Listen to their fascinating interview on Dreamland this Saturday!

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