Israeli intelligence has discovered that Osama Bin Laden is dead but his heir has been chosen and the terrorist campaign against the U.S. will continue. The new head of al-Qaeda hasn?t been identified, but it’s probably not Bin Laden’s son Saad, who is in his 20s and works within the terror organization. The Israelis think Bin Laden probably died during the U.S. military campaign in Afghanistan in December and that the recent messages from him on video and audio are fakes or earlier recordings. “In this case, it doesn’t matter whether Bin Laden is alive or not,” says a senior Israeli intelligence source. “The organization goes on with help from key people.”

Does the FBI and the CIA know who the new head of al-Qaeda is?or have they dropped the ball again? Find out why the FBI didn?t heed the warnings about 911 from ?The Bureau: The Secret History of the FBI? by Ronald Kessler, click here.

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